Thursday, July 2, 2009

in a rush & beach bathing

1940s linen postcard of a bathing beauty

This morning I was cutting it really close on time. I spent the first part of my day running all around the garment district. For some reason it's so hard for me not to go into m & j trimmings on 6th avenue if I'm ever in a 10 block radius. I ended up staying a little too long staring at ribbon & buttons with my mouth wide open like a deer in the headlights. I glanced at the time and realized I had to get from 42nd Street to the West Village in 7 minutes. So, I pretended like I was in a little road race as I flew down the sidewalk running. I ran through all the new, small parks set up right in the middle of the road. Passed all the tourists near Macy's & the rest of the circus around 34th street. Then, sprinted all the way to 8th Ave. I ran down to the subway, jumped on the A train, & I was determined to be the first person up the stairs at 14th Street. To my surprise I was winning! Then, before I even knew what hit me, I slipped & went flying! It felt like I hit a wall....but it was just the top step. All I could do was get up, wipe the black dust off my hands, & be glad I was at least wearing a pretty cute dress. That made me stop for a second I tell myself to quit rushing around like a crazy person.

I shifted gears and started day dreaming about being a beach bum. I found this beautiful 1940s postcard on etsy from a really wonderful shop called bananastrudel. They sell all types of vintage postcards, maps, & prints. It gave me instant beach inspiration! I  couldn't pass it up & ordered it right away. I just love the shoes the lady is wearing. Why not lay in the sand in a pair of red polk a dot wedges. Looks good to me.

little peach


  1. Those shoes are divine!!! Thank goodness you're alright after your tumble. Ouch! You're a trooper! (I found you while searching for vintage postcards:)

  2. I know all about rushing around. I've fallen so many times in the city. Ellen says that it is hysterical when people fall as long as they don't get hurt. So maybe you gave someone a good chuckle!! Glad you're alright. Hurry and put some clothes on the etsy site. I know it is going to be a big hit!

  3. I always wonder what people do with the things they buy and where they go... Glad to have helped give you instant beach inspiration!

    High heeled shoes aren't meant for rushing about. They are meant for putting on and then lounging on the beach!

    Bananastrudel wishes you a wonderful summer with polka dot shoes.