Friday, July 10, 2009

Flyin' Through Summer

photo by Dan
Dress: 50s Grey Cotton Day Dress

Farewell Annelore, Hello Little Peach! Before I began this blog I began my career in fashion working for an independent designer at a tiny shop in the West Village called Annelore. I was there for almost three years & worked on every single facet of the line. I was fortunate enough to have a hand in production, designing, sketching, fitting, editing, buying, selling, merchandising, shop keeping, lookbooking, name it, I did it. Wow, was it an education! It was like a three year boot camp to prepare me for my very own thing, Little Peach. After I decided to leave Annelore, I decided to slowly begin this blog to talk about my passions, vintage clothing & style. I knew I wanted to stay in fashion but wanted to incorporate my love for vintage clothing somehow. So, My little etsy shop will be opening soon & I couldn't be more excited! It will house my very favorite finds from all over New York & New Jersey with the occasional finds from road trips to Georgia, Vermont, & every place in between. Be on the lookout. It's coming soon!

little peach


  1. YAY!!! i can't wait to see the clothes!

  2. Congrats and ditto on the comment above.

    Who knew that Dan was such a photog!?