Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hawaiian Dress

photos by Dan
vintage Hawaiian sun dress- UES thrift shop
vintage French lilac sunglasses
(check out the criss cross back in the top left photo)

I did an earlier post last month when it felt like I was drowning in the rain & so desperately aching to have just one summer day. I mean a really hot, sunny, 90 degree day......there's now been like four in a row!!!! It's so funny how the mood of the entire city changes once the sun comes out. People start boppin' around & actually show a smile every now & then. Well, from that earlier post I mentioned a vibrant, classic Hawaiian sun dress. I felt like the day would never come that I could pull it out of the closet, let alone be able to wear it outside. Here it is!

little peach


  1. It was really hot in Georgia while I was gone. Now that I'm back it is raining and it only got up to 80 degrees today. Love this dress.

  2. Cute dress, love the sunglasses!

  3. your blog is good,
    I like you!