Tuesday, July 7, 2009


photos by Dan
black cotton racerback tank - (one I've had for years)
black & silver pleated skirt - ues thrift shop
purple sash belt - american apparel
(pictured in the last frame is my dog Jubilee)

Don't you just love being able to walk around without any shoes, sometimes? I really do love a cute pair of shoes any day of the week, but every now and then I feel a hint of nostalgia when I'm able to run around barefoot. It must be from growing up in the country....or not having that luxury now in the city. Saturday, I wore a pair of sandals for about 5 minutes & decided to give my feet some time in the sand. The ground was the perfect balance of toasty & soft. It felt so good I didn't put my shoes back on until Sunday a.m. I wore this wispy pleated skirt with a racerback tank & felt surprisingly cool all day, especially when a breeze would go by.

little peach

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  1. I love this dress. It's simple yet not to simple. lovely.