Monday, July 20, 2009

Ringwood Manor & Ringwood State Park

photos by Dan: tiny pictures are of Ringwood Botanical Garden
Ringwood Manor - Vintage Crochet Vest, 50s Blue Shorts, 70s Blue Dress
Hiking on trails in 50s Yellow Eyelet Dress

On Sunday, photos by Dan & I put the pups & some vintage clothing in the car & off we went into the mountains. We drove up to Ringwood State Park in New Jersey. It really is a neat place to see. Winding trails to hike or bike are plenty and peaceful throughout the park. There's even a lake to do a little swim or sunbathing after you've walked through the botanical gardens. It was a fun adventure. Now, I'm even more intrigued after doing a little research on the rich history & past inhabitants of the land. I want to go back & view the park with educated eyes so I can fully appreciate what those mountains & streams have seen over hundreds, even thousands of years.

It was originally inhabited by Native Americans, in which supernatural occurances are credited to the grounds. Ringwood was then known for it's ore & became known as an iron making empire. General Washington's map maker during the American Revolution had his headquarter's at Ringwood, where he drew up hundreds of them to keep the General safe. The area & manor were later sold to an affluent family, the Hewitts & used as a summer escape. No longer needing the home, it was given to the state of New Jersey. I read that the Hewitt family handed over the house full of all their furniture, supplies, & even clothing....boy, would I love to go through those garments! Do any of y'all know more history on the area? I'm certainly curious now.

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  1. oh my what a fun day! i love the yellow dress!!

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