Tuesday, September 29, 2009

crackers & coffee beans

photo: grey cotton Hanes v-nk tee
straight leg Earnest Sewn jeans
brown Bensimon canvas lacets

photo: Black Apple Paper Dolls - The Black Apple

Have you ever reached the point of confusion & disenchantment with what you want to wear? I feel like  in the last couple of weeks I've been a little bland with what I'm throwing on to face the day & I just have to realize that I am growing tiresome of jeans, sneakers, & henleys. Every now & then I get in a slight funk a have a space out with fashion. It's like being at a wine tasting and after so many different varieties you are dying for a cracker to break it all up & bring back some clarity. It's the same with smelling perfumes. In that apothecary C.O. Bigelow, once you've smelled four fragrances they bring over a can of coffee beans to bring your nose back to normalcy. Well, that's what the jeans & tees are for me sometimes...the cracker & the coffee beans. It seems I subconciously go there to get reinspired & refreshed for daily dressing. Now, I'm suddenly dying for rich textured jumpers & lace up boots! Here's what's on my etsy wish list.......................

Photo: Mini Scooter Dress - Betty Dares

photo: White Cotton Lace Blouse - Elle Train

photo: 60s Campus Girl Plaid Jumper - Dear Golden Vintage

 photo: Black Vintage Laced Roper Boots - Pascal Vintage

photo: Hank Knit Cloche Hat - Branda

  photo: Vintage Blue Suede Oxfords - Mae Fair Vintage

photo: 60s Silk Day Dress - My Favorite Vintage
What pieces are you longing for right now? Anything you just can't live without? Have a lovely day!

little peach

Sunday, September 27, 2009

no brainer fall dressing & the perfect hybrid sunglasses


Have you ever seen Love Story from 1970?  Ali McGraw is my idea of perfect fall/winter ease with a hint of charm. She is outfitted in sleek black tights, tidy mini skirts, & timeless wool coats throughout the film. Over the weekend I watched it again & found myself swayed to start searching for tights & tweeds. I'm looking forward to mixing textures & colors this season with lots of skirts & dresses & anchoring them down with clean black tights. Out of habit, when the air cools & the sun dims, I gravitate towards jeans & blazers. This year, I'm going to try & break that cycle & keep my legs out there & play with layers a little more.

photos: film captures by me - Love Story, 1970

After my movie watching, I wandered over to Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg & unexpectedly found a pretty cool pair of sunglasses. If a pair of 50s cat eye glasses were crossed with a pair of black 60s wayfarer's, I think this is what would be born. Best of all, they didn't break the bank being under $10. I've already moved into them.

What were you up to this last weekend in September? This month went by in about 2 minutes!

little peach

Monday, September 21, 2009

new for fall!

Friday I spent the afternoon in Brooklyn going through some of my favorite vintage & thrift shops. It's a sure thing to always find lovely, special garments there. Hope you enjoy! They are making there way into my etsy shop this week.

little peach

Thursday, September 17, 2009

where does it come from?

Secret Helpers, an article I just came across in the Wall Street Journal, by Katherine Rosman, is truly remarkable. On the heels of New York Fashion Week, this article talks about how designers have a new muse....the blogger! From Rodarte to Marc Jacobs, bloggers are closing the gap between the average mainstream & the world of people that have original & unique style. Rodarte's new line is heavily inspired from a thirteen year old girl named Tavi Gevinson from a Chicago suburb. Kate & Laura Mulleavy, the designers from Rodarte, mention that there muse makes them see & think about things differently. 

Tavi Gevinson,STYLE ROOKIE

How great is it that designers are giving credit to thier sources of creative motivation? I find it fascinating that the semi underground world of bloggers have joined the circle to spark concepts for designers with actresses, artists, & musicians, & are getting a nod for doing so. Check out the article & let me know what you think.
WSJ.com - Fashion's Secret Helpers*

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gamine Perfection

photo: Max Vadukul (Chanel)
New York Magazine- Fall Fashion Issue 2009

Just came across this photo of Audrey Tatou in New York Magazine's Fall Fashion Issue. This is my idea of polished effortlessness! She's playing Coco Chanel in a movie due out next month. I'm really looking forward to seeing the film....I've read Chanel's biography & saw the costume exhibit at the Met a few years ago.  I'm thinking it will be wonderful to watch her story come to life on the big screen.  Sounds like the movie is going to be authentic in showing the glamorous & unglamorous, true character of Coco Chanel & I'm sure Audrey Tatou will play the part gracefully.

Hope you have a fun Saturday!

little peach

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

new finds...now in the shop

photos: all by Dan
1 & 2: vintage black & white tweed belted jacket
red Garolini tuxedo bow pumps
3 & 4: 50s white knit top
vintage goldenrod pencil skirt
5 & 6:  reversible chambray & stripe mini aline wrap skirt
vintage Brazilian riding boots

Just in....punches of color & versatile item pieces for fall! Aren't you excited to start wearing fun layering pieces? This is one of my favorite times of the year because it feels like anything goes & the possibilities are endless for outfits!

little peach

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Channeling a little Audrey

photo by Dan
I'm wearing:
60s Blue London Fog A-Line Coat
Vintage Brazilian Riding Boots

At the first hint of fall in the air, I could not wait to wear a pair of caramel Brazilian riding boots I found in Georgia. Boot season is just about to kick off! Paired with my new boots, I wore this 60s blue combed cotton coat. There's a special place in my heart for coats cut like dresses.

Audrey- A Life in Pictures by Carol Krenz

After shooting some new items for the shop, I was flipping through one of my Audrey Hepburn books & stumbled upon a photo of her that must have been my subconscious inspiration for the coat shots. Just can't help it.....she constantly inspires me! What are you feeling inspired by with the shifting seasons?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

met outdoor screening

From about May to September, in New York, there are all types of fun & free events that take place. Each year I get so excited for the concerts in the park, movies under the stars, & outdoor festivals. With the best of intentions to take advantage of all the wonderful things, I blinked & it's now September. My cultural agenda was a casualty of the rainy summer. Guess I'll have to catch the tail end this year.

On Sunday, there was an outdoor screening of a Metropolitan Opera performance of Romeo & Juliet. It was held at Lincoln Center right before dark. This was the first year for this event. It's essentially an extra large screen set up right outside the opera house. The first 2,800 people had seats provided to them & I ended up standing. That was perfectly fine, though. The screen was viewable from nearly any angle.

photos: Lincoln Center
Met Summer HD Series
Romeo & Juliet-Sunday, August 30

The show was outstanding, but I must admit, I did a lot of people watching from my spot in the back. It was interesting to see how many people made the effort to add a little culture into their lives for a few hours. The audience had quite a few New Yorkers that seemed to have this appearance, like they have lived in New York for much of their lives. Chic...head to toe, without even trying but totally owning their own style. It's kind of hard to explain, but you would know it if you saw them. Scattered across the crowd were ladies just getting out of dinner, loafing with their dinner dates to catch a glimpse of the screen before returning home to start another work week. Every so often a family of out of town visitors would settle in & snap photos. There were also groups of young kids popping by with their parents that would walk up close to check it out then circle back to get ready for bedtime. One of the most enjoyable aspects of these outdoor gatherings is how it brings people together in a festive manner. I'm thinking of catching another opera later this week. Each night until Saturday, a new show will be presented to celebrate the Met. It's such a neat thing!

little peach