Sunday, September 27, 2009

no brainer fall dressing & the perfect hybrid sunglasses


Have you ever seen Love Story from 1970?  Ali McGraw is my idea of perfect fall/winter ease with a hint of charm. She is outfitted in sleek black tights, tidy mini skirts, & timeless wool coats throughout the film. Over the weekend I watched it again & found myself swayed to start searching for tights & tweeds. I'm looking forward to mixing textures & colors this season with lots of skirts & dresses & anchoring them down with clean black tights. Out of habit, when the air cools & the sun dims, I gravitate towards jeans & blazers. This year, I'm going to try & break that cycle & keep my legs out there & play with layers a little more.

photos: film captures by me - Love Story, 1970

After my movie watching, I wandered over to Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg & unexpectedly found a pretty cool pair of sunglasses. If a pair of 50s cat eye glasses were crossed with a pair of black 60s wayfarer's, I think this is what would be born. Best of all, they didn't break the bank being under $10. I've already moved into them.

What were you up to this last weekend in September? This month went by in about 2 minutes!

little peach


  1. yeah, her outfits are awesome!

    I know! This month went by so quickly; in two-three days it will be October!

  2. I really like the outfits on that movie. I am now wishing it was cold enough still here to try out similar outfits. I really the glasses too :)