Tuesday, September 1, 2009

met outdoor screening

From about May to September, in New York, there are all types of fun & free events that take place. Each year I get so excited for the concerts in the park, movies under the stars, & outdoor festivals. With the best of intentions to take advantage of all the wonderful things, I blinked & it's now September. My cultural agenda was a casualty of the rainy summer. Guess I'll have to catch the tail end this year.

On Sunday, there was an outdoor screening of a Metropolitan Opera performance of Romeo & Juliet. It was held at Lincoln Center right before dark. This was the first year for this event. It's essentially an extra large screen set up right outside the opera house. The first 2,800 people had seats provided to them & I ended up standing. That was perfectly fine, though. The screen was viewable from nearly any angle.

photos: Lincoln Center
Met Summer HD Series
Romeo & Juliet-Sunday, August 30

The show was outstanding, but I must admit, I did a lot of people watching from my spot in the back. It was interesting to see how many people made the effort to add a little culture into their lives for a few hours. The audience had quite a few New Yorkers that seemed to have this appearance, like they have lived in New York for much of their lives. Chic...head to toe, without even trying but totally owning their own style. It's kind of hard to explain, but you would know it if you saw them. Scattered across the crowd were ladies just getting out of dinner, loafing with their dinner dates to catch a glimpse of the screen before returning home to start another work week. Every so often a family of out of town visitors would settle in & snap photos. There were also groups of young kids popping by with their parents that would walk up close to check it out then circle back to get ready for bedtime. One of the most enjoyable aspects of these outdoor gatherings is how it brings people together in a festive manner. I'm thinking of catching another opera later this week. Each night until Saturday, a new show will be presented to celebrate the Met. It's such a neat thing!

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