Tuesday, September 29, 2009

crackers & coffee beans

photo: grey cotton Hanes v-nk tee
straight leg Earnest Sewn jeans
brown Bensimon canvas lacets

photo: Black Apple Paper Dolls - The Black Apple

Have you ever reached the point of confusion & disenchantment with what you want to wear? I feel like  in the last couple of weeks I've been a little bland with what I'm throwing on to face the day & I just have to realize that I am growing tiresome of jeans, sneakers, & henleys. Every now & then I get in a slight funk a have a space out with fashion. It's like being at a wine tasting and after so many different varieties you are dying for a cracker to break it all up & bring back some clarity. It's the same with smelling perfumes. In that apothecary C.O. Bigelow, once you've smelled four fragrances they bring over a can of coffee beans to bring your nose back to normalcy. Well, that's what the jeans & tees are for me sometimes...the cracker & the coffee beans. It seems I subconciously go there to get reinspired & refreshed for daily dressing. Now, I'm suddenly dying for rich textured jumpers & lace up boots! Here's what's on my etsy wish list.......................

Photo: Mini Scooter Dress - Betty Dares

photo: White Cotton Lace Blouse - Elle Train

photo: 60s Campus Girl Plaid Jumper - Dear Golden Vintage

 photo: Black Vintage Laced Roper Boots - Pascal Vintage

photo: Hank Knit Cloche Hat - Branda

  photo: Vintage Blue Suede Oxfords - Mae Fair Vintage

photo: 60s Silk Day Dress - My Favorite Vintage
What pieces are you longing for right now? Anything you just can't live without? Have a lovely day!

little peach


  1. its not that I'm looking for new pieces, just a new season. summer has lasted too long and I'm ready to wear my fall pieces, because for the past month I'm totally in a wardrobe rut myself, but your picks would also totally cure me

  2. I am in serious need of a good winter coat that is both classic in shape and with rich details. I've been purusing ebay for 2 months now. I am also on the look out for the perfect vintage silk blouse.

  3. love them!!!

    I would love a leopard print jacket!!!!! it's one of my must have pieces... its what I really wantttttttttttttttttt

  4. Everything is so cute!! I LOVE it! Cute boots!

  5. I love the white shirt with the eyelit! That is my favorite look...it's so sweet!

  6. Thank you for featuring our hat!

    Mariana and Paula