Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gamine Perfection

photo: Max Vadukul (Chanel)
New York Magazine- Fall Fashion Issue 2009

Just came across this photo of Audrey Tatou in New York Magazine's Fall Fashion Issue. This is my idea of polished effortlessness! She's playing Coco Chanel in a movie due out next month. I'm really looking forward to seeing the film....I've read Chanel's biography & saw the costume exhibit at the Met a few years ago.  I'm thinking it will be wonderful to watch her story come to life on the big screen.  Sounds like the movie is going to be authentic in showing the glamorous & unglamorous, true character of Coco Chanel & I'm sure Audrey Tatou will play the part gracefully.

Hope you have a fun Saturday!

little peach

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