Monday, August 24, 2009

White Diamond

photo: by me
My mom going into White Diamond
wearing: liberty print dress

As a young girl, my mom use to frequent one of the local barbecue restaurants known as White Diamond Grill & Bar B-Q. We both have fond memories of this little gem. My favorite trip to White Diamond was right before I was leaving home for college. My dad took me there for lunch. We ordered the barbecue plates & talked about how exciting college was going to be for me.

photos: by me
bbq plates- fried pickles, french fries, white bread, brunswick stew
sweet tea & lemonade

Throughout college I would come back to this place when I had a big appetite & craved something from home. It is way off the beaten path, almost in the country. A white concrete structure with an outside walk-up window make up the facade. When you walk in, the little dining area feels like it must be similar to its original form. Bar stools at the counter with wide booths along the walls are the best seats, but the tables scattered through the middle aren't bad either. It is a very modest space & completely authentic. It's a no nonsense type of eatery, with excellent food. Over the last few years, there has been a barbecue explosion in New York. I must say that none of them compare to this little spot down in Georgia. The house sauce is a tart mustard base full of flavor. It is complemented by the batter of the fried pickles or the fresh cut french fries. The Brunswick stew is another one of my must haves, it's so savory & little healthier than the other menu items. The sweet tea is so good I had three huge cups full. It's even better if you order 1/2 & 1/2 (part lemonade & part sweet tea). Order the brownies on the way out, they are unbelievable! So far, I haven't had an unsatisfying meal at White Diamond. The owners, Tina & Jimmy Evans can always be found manning the counter on any given day. They are so friendly & have a great sense of humor.

photos: by me
Tina & Jimmy Evans- White Diamond Grill Owners
Front Window

The dining room attire is anything goes....jeans & t-shirt with your best cowboy boots.....perfect! No fuss, just a good ole meal. If you are ever down in Georgia you should definitely look up White Diamond Grill.

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