Thursday, August 20, 2009

in the orchard

Every trip home is marked with a trip to our local peach orchard & packing company. The scenery of pecan trees & wrap around porches makes me want to move out to the country. It's a peaceful & calm type of natural beauty.

My sister Sarah is always up for a visit out to the country for some peach muffins & fresh peach ice cream so, we jumped in the car and drove to Lane Orchards in Peach County, Georgia. Before we had our goodies, we toured the grounds a little. If you are ever in the heart of Georgia you really should take a trip out to Lane. It's a fourth or fifth generation family run farm with rows & rows of peach & pecan trees for acres & of my favorite spots in the south.

I was beyond excited to have Sarah home for a few days, too. She is one of my favorite people to photograph. As an art major in college, she was my model for just about every series I did. Sarah has such a unique look. She has this athletic & feminine beauty that is classic & fresh all at the same time. Perfect for clothes from the 40s. With hair that just plain isn't fair, she has the most elegant wavy blond locks you've ever seen & just a few freckles frame her aqua blue eyes. The epitome of grace.

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  1. she's gorgeous & these pictures are lovely! I really like that well tailored dress next to the tractor!