Monday, August 10, 2009

monday, monday, so good to me.

photos by Dan:
40s cotton striped belted dress
camel wedges

collage by me:
U.S. map & film capture from "Two for the Road"

It's Monday! I'm usually not so thrilled with this particular day of the week. However, today is an exception because I'm suiting up for a road trip down to my hometown in Georgia. We're technically not departing until tomorrow, but today's been fun with the planning, to do lists, packing, &, I'm walking around town in a pretty lovely dress from the 40s. This week & the next will be full of all kinds of grass root adventures.

1. my very own Southern food tour......bbq, soul food, cookouts, birthday cake!
2. high school reunion.....I swear the last ten years went by in about 15 minutes.
3. Savannah.........if I'm lucky!
4. St. Simons's Island......Sure hope!!!!
5. my family!....they belong up top
6. untouched thrift & vintage shops.........yippeeeee
7. my little sister modeling the new finds....oh yeah
8. there's no place like's true

I'm really looking forward to recharging for fall & finding great things along the way!

little peach


  1. Good luck on the road trip!!! Sounds so much fun! And yet I wish you a wonderful birthday, lots of love!!!!!!!!!!!Vyvi

  2. I love the clothing from the 40s! It's so pretty!

  3. You are stunning in that dress!

  4. Have fun at the reunion! I will always miss Mr. Godfrey's photography class and our goofy antics. PS. I love the new hair! Did you get it cut?