Wednesday, October 28, 2009

rainy day

photos: Vintage 1960s Red Ombre Umbrella - Small Earth Vintage

Why is it that I never think of wardrobe weather necessities until the elements are actually here? I'm seriously lacking a windproof/neat umbrella or raincoat & it never crosses my mind until I'm out walking my puppy dogs getting mangled by a downpour. Not until that moment does the topic of waterproofing myself cross my mind. It would be nice to finally break down & invest in a nice umbrella to trot around town with instead of wanting to take cover & hide the day away indoors. This nonstop rainy day is motivating me to cruise etsy in search of the perfect rain protection. Are you more of a rain coat type of a person or umbrella type? I'm still trying to decide for myself. Here are my favorite finds of each!

photo: Vintage Dusty Rose Shiny Trench Coat - Vintage Treasures 4 You

Hope you have a great day no matter what the elements are out there!

little peach 


  1. what a cute umbrella! too bad I always lose mine ugg

  2. i'm an umbrella girl, i love clear ones like the 60s bubble ones. i have a raincoat too but it doesn't keep my bag dry :)

  3. We've had loads of rain, and the only part I really like about that is wearing wellies! Love your umbrella and coat picks!

  4. CUTE!! I need these right now! It has been so rainy in Georgia this month!