Thursday, October 29, 2009

do the sleep monsters ever get you?

Ever wake up in the morning & wonder.....what in the world happened to me overnight? I feel a little like that today. Maybe it's a blessing that I wear contacts & the first image I see of myself is severely blurred in the morning. It's almost like some type of creature comes in the middle of the night with the only task of making you look as disheveled as possible before you awake. It seems to happen to me when I have a busy night of dreaming or sleep really soundly.

photo: morning monster sketch by me

When I was at the lake in Alabama I slept with a purple scarf around my neck for a little extra warmth. Just picture for a moment.......thick chunky socks, striped flannel pajamas, purple neck scarf, black thick framed glasses, & crazy crazy hair pointing in all directions....coming to you up the stairs. That was me after an excellent night of sleep. It must have been pretty scary because my nephew Connor was the first to greet me at the top of the stairway & said very slowly & seriously......."what are you"? Does this happen to anyone else out there or am I the only one that has their work cut out for them in the morning? Luckily, it's nothing a cup of coffee can't straighten out.
Have a great Thursday!

little peach


  1. They sure do get me!! You know it! I love those special sleep shirts that are ancient but you just can't get rid of them because they are so worn in and comfy!!

  2. I can second that! the sleep monsters have my number on speed dial. this post made me laugh out loud. I can hear Connor saying that "what are you" haha! what a cutie! i love your blog:)