Thursday, October 22, 2009


photos by me - Lake Martin, Alabama

Oh my goooooooodness! I just fell off the face of the earth. Actually, I've been in Alabama...with no computer, or internet, or even a phone signal. It was pretty calming to be so disconnected. You wouldn't believe the pretty views of the lake. The little map dot I was on has got to be the polar opposite of New York.  Just open land to one side & the lake for miles & miles on the other. What a treat to escape from the crazy city! I seriously have not slept that soundly in years. Really. All the fresh air & peacefulness combined with the crisp fall air really knocked me right out. Good thing I packed lots of scarfs & cozy cardigans...perfect for loafing.  In the morning we'd wake up & have banana pancakes (my sister made) or travel to the local market (which is housed in the neatest red barn) for pecan sticky buns & cinnamon rolls. My mouth is watering as I'm typing this. Then we'd have stew or chili for lunch & fresh fish & vegetables for dinner. Sweet tea flowed right out of the tap. Well, almost. The best part was spending time with my family. I didn't want to leave. My mom calls it heaven on earth & I have to agree.

photo by me - look how clear that water is.

My nephew Connor didn't want to leave either. He was pretty creative in his attempt to stay at the lake.

photo; my nephew Connor

I sure have missed the blogging world, though. Feeling good to be back.

little peach


  1. oh this looks so heavenly. I've never been down South, but have recently been wanting to go and this post only affirms that! the idea of pecan rolls, sunshine, and disconnection sounds amazing. I know its ironic that I would love to spend a week without a phone or computer since I'm typing this on your blog right now, but it would be nice to just sleep in, cook, read books, and have nice conversation.

  2. are such an interesting writer. I think you should tap into it and churn out a book. I would buy it! maybe a travel book full of pictures and interesting things you did while you were there. like this post!

  3. I love that picture of Connor J.