Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday Picnic

photos: birthday cake watercolor drawing by me!
gingham party dress from arthritis thrift shop nyc
cherry cake photo from Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros
white wicker purse from UWS flea market
Jacques Torres dark chocolate mix

I always seem to forget how much celebration goes on once June arrives! Between all of the weddings, anniversaries, graduations, & birthdays I'm feeling especially festive!! My little sister is here from Georgia during her birthday & I want to take advantage and do something sweet for her since it's rare I see her on the actual day anymore. I'm thinking Central Park near the reservoir right off fifth avenue. I found two little picnic tables tucked away on the bridle path one day while I was running in the snow & made a mental note to use them for a special occasion when summer hit. I'll bring a tablecloth & a mix of some blue & white china I've been collecting from thrift shops for setting the table along with some pretty pink peonies. I just came across this photo of the cherry cake in a cook book called Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros that will be my inspiration for the party! Last week I was in a thrift shop on third avenue and found this gingham embroidered 50's cotton party dress. It'll be perfect for the birthday girl to wear with this pop color cherry beaded vintage bracelet I found in Jersey City at my favorite vintage shop. For a gift I'm thinking this wicker basket purse and a box of dark chocolates from Jacques Torres in Tribeca (If I can restrain myself). For the meal I think we will keep it easy & just bring take out so it still has the casualness of a picnic. I'm such a dork that I get so spastic over this kind of stuff.....I just love it! Happy Birthday Sarah!


  1. i love that dress. i need to go on a vintage store crawl with you soon!