Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hey there,

Finally peeking out of my cave now that the temperature broke 30 degrees. We southern girls don't quite know how to handle the wintry conditions of the northeast but I'm happy to report that after five frigid winters, I'm surviving. This season I took a clue from the true locals & learned a thing or two about thermals,compression,down,etc,etc. The difference is unbelievable! Here are my two saviors until spring & a scarf I'm adding to my wish list to add a little color.  

 photo: handwoven mercury scarf by pidge pidge
 (so pretty for all seasons)


photo:  shearling bean boots at ll bean
(BEST pair of shoes I've EVER owned!)

photo: down with it parka at patagonia
(so light but soooo warm!)

p.s. what's your toughest season? how do you survive?

little peach


  1. winter by far is the most rough- I'm a witness, Southern girls don't do well in the North! In Idaho I found out about snow boots (ha!) and bought a pair of Sorels- they're cute, khaki, grey, and blue argyle, and they're WARM. Not too difficult to move in, either. Thermals, wool/cotton tights, thick socks, blankets all over the house, and owning actual coats- not just a thicker jacket- also help. Stay warm, LPV!!

  2. I am writing to tell you that I had to shut down my old blog due to personal reasons, but I have started a new one, posting under the new link above and under the name "tess."

    please stop by!


  3. I love that coat!! How about a wedding post?!