Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here Comes Summer!

photos: Audrey Hepburn: A Life in Pictures by Carol Krenz
vintage seersucker drawstring top - Another Man's Treasure, Jersey City
white 50's high waisted shorts - Another Man's Treasure, Jersey City
vintage french sunglasses - Another Man's Treasure, Jersey City
vintage nautical scarf - Arthritis Thrift Shop, UES
nude saltwater sandals - Tani NYC, UWS
vintage aqua floral sun dress- Arthritis Thrift Shop, UES

So I'm back from my first trip to East Hampton and after four or five barbecues and a little sunshine I couldn't be more ready for summertime! I was thinking Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina while packing my bag for the weekend. The scene where she & Humprey Bogart go sailing made me excited to bring out my best pair of high waisted shorts. They are crisp cotton white shorts from the 50's with a zipper and button on the back. The length is just right to be fresh without showing too much. They ended up being a staple during the day with a few layering pieces to throw on over them. I lived in the seersucker jacket. It was the perfect weight for the chillier nights and great as a beach cover-up that kept me warm when the sun slipped behind the clouds. Unsure of what all we would be doing, I decided to toss in a couple of cotton dresses to wear casually with my nude saltwater sandals. That turned out to be what I threw on when we went to a brunch on Sunday morning. To keep it simple and to really feel like I was on vacation I wore a silk scarf in my hair so I didn't have to fuss with a blow dryer or hair product. While I'm typing this I'm missing the pool & endless goodies from the grill. Hope you had a wonderful start to summer, too!

little peach

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dresses I picked up in Chelsea

I found these simple cotton sundresses at a thrift shop that is usually hit or miss in Chelsea called Angel Street.  It seems I usually find china or crystal in this particular shop but lucked out with the dresses.  The floral dress has nice details and I was pleasantly surprised it still had all of the original fabric buttons in place.  It has such a sweet print, too!  Well, I better go pack up for Memorial Day weekend.  It's going to be my first trip to the Hamptons & the weather is supposed to feel like summertime!  I cannot wait to check out the vintage stores!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crisp Day Dresses

This blog is starting out at a snail's pace but I promise it will be up and running consistently very soon! I'm so excited about the new finds I picked up this week....

I've been longing for easy cotton & linen day dresses that feel good while being polished at the same time. This photo of my Mama & her four sisters has been inspiring me for warm weather. The feminine details are balanced by the lightness of the fabrics. I love how they are put together without being the least bit fussy! Cotton can totally transform the vibe of a dress....it certainly helped those girls in the photo survive those hot & humid summer days down in Georgia!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Well, here's my very first blog posting......

I'm a Georgia girl that moved to New York a little over four years ago.  For fun I scour the city for vintage clothes & treasures.  So far, I've had some pretty unbelievable luck with the little gems I've come across and decided I should start sharing my finds with y'all!  I'd love your feedback along the way.  Best wishes!

little peach